Sunday?s Football Rematch: A Tale of Two Cities? Home Prices Since 2005


Fri, 02 Feb 2018 19:02:58 +0000

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have had two weeks to rest, strategize and get pumped up for Sunday?s big game in Minneapolis. Here?s a look at how home prices have moved from the last time ? in February 2005 ? these two teams played each other in the championship game:

Philadelphia                                                            New England

2005:     $193,800                                                   2005: $407,200

2018:     $238,900                                                   2018: $464,100

% price increase: ?23.2%                                        % price increase: ?14.0%

When it comes to home price increases, Philadelphia is the champion, but can they bring home the title on Sunday?

NAR Football Infographic - February 2018

*New England?s data on home prices is from the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) of Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH. Price data is from the third quarter of 2004 and 2017.

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